Prof. Teresa M. Bejan

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Plato to Rousseau (undergraduate lecture)

Theorizing the Democratic State

Theory of Politics

Machiavelli to Burke (MPhil seminar)

Plato and Aristotle (MPhil seminar)

Research Design Seminar (MPhil seminar)

Constructing the Text: Locke's Letters on Toleration (archival methods option)

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (2014-2015)       

Introduction to Political Theory

Toleration and its Limits 

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (2013-2014)      

Contemporary Civilization (Columbia Core ethics and political thought course)

Foundations of American Political Thought


YALE UNIVERSITY (2009-2012) 

(as seminar leader/teaching fellow)                

The Political Philosophy of Hobbes (graduate seminar guest-instructor)

Modern Political Philosophy (guest-lecturer on Locke)

Ancient Political Philosophy

Moral Foundations of Politics

Lincoln at 200 (writing-intensive course)