Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration (forthcoming with Harvard University Press, Jan. 2017)


(ed.) John Locke: Four Letters on Toleration, 2 vols., The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke (The Clarendon Press, Oxford, engaged).




Articles (Refereed)


“John Locke on Toleration, (In)civility, and the Quest for Concord,” History of Political Thought (forthcoming).

“Difference without Disagreement: Re-thinking Hobbes on ‘Independency’ and Toleration,”

Review of Politics (Jan 2016).

“Evangelical Toleration,” The Journal of Politics (October 2015). 


“‘The Bond of Civility’: Roger Williams on Toleration and its Limits,” History of European Ideas 37 (2011), 409-420.


“Teaching the Leviathan: Thomas Hobbes on Education,” Oxford Review of Education 36:5 (2010), 607-626.

Reprinted in the collection, Ideas of Education: Political and Philosophical Perspectives from Plato to the Nineteenth Century, edited by C. Brooke and E. Frazer,(Routledge, 2013).




Book Chapters



“First Impressions: Hobbes, Education, and Imprinting,” invited chapter for Hobbes on Politics and Religion, edited by Robin Douglass and Laurens van Apeldoorn (Oxford University Press, under contract).

“‘When the Word of the Lord Runs Freely’: Roger Williams and Evangelical Toleration,” invited chapter for The Lively Experiment: The Story of Religious Toleration in America, from Roger Williams to the Present, edited by Christopher Beneke and Christopher Grenda (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015).


“The Difficult Work of Liberal Civility,” co-authored with Bryan Garsten, invited chapter for Civility, Legality, and the Limits of Justice, edited by Austin Sarat (Cambridge University Press, 2014).




Other Publications



Forum on Saba Mahmood’s Religious Difference in a Secular Age: A Minority ReportJournal of Politics, Religion, and Ideology  (forthcoming)

“Review of J. Judd Owen’s Making Religion Safe for Democracy,” Review of Politics



“Review of John Coffey’s Exodus and Liberation,” Politics and Religion (Aug 2014)


“Quentin Skinner: the Art of Theory interview.”   (Nov/Dec 2011)

Published in two parts, “Quentin Skinner on Meaning and Method” and “Quentin Skinner in Context,” in The Art of Theory (




Working Papers



“Acknowledging Equality (or, Hobbes and Hats)” (7th annual Balzan-Skinner lecture, in

preparation for submission to the Historical Journal)

“For the Want Whereof this Nation Perishes’: John Milton on Education”

“Reconsidering Tolerance: Theory and Practice for the 21st Century” (with Calvert Jones)

“New Worlds: Williams, Penn, and the place of Utopia in Colonial Founding”

“Locke, the Letter, and the rise of ‘Liberal’ Toleration”

“Toleration or Concord?  Rawls’s Eirenic Liberalism”